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Base Administrative Technical Features of the Floating Hospital

WASB hospital ship (6).jpg

Supply with Oxygen O2

The O2 production plant installed on the module's barge has the capacity to deliver about 100 cylinders per day, 50Kg each.

Supply of Drinking Water

The drinking water treatment system installed in the Hospital Module has been oversized, in such a way that if there is a need for drinking water in the assistance area, enough water can be delivered to the inhabitants to meet the needs of more than 60 families on a daily basis.

Supply of Electricity

The generators installed in the Hospital Module have the capacity to supply up to more than 30KW/h for use by the adjacent population.


Built in aluminium, suitable for large helicopters such as the “EH 101” and “Sikorsky S92”, allowing injured patients to be quickly and safely transported to the floating hospital, saving time and lives.

oxygen tanks.jpg

Oxygen Production

AirSep Oxygen Generators eliminate the expense, inconvenience, hazardous handling, and storage problems often associated with purchased liquid or high pressure cylinder oxygen.

Fully automatic, the generators require no specialized operating personnel. Simply connect an air compressor or central air supply to the generator and your application or oxygen distribution system to the generator’s oxygen receiver. Then connect the power cord to a grounded electrical outlet, turn the unit on, and set your oxygen delivery pressure. That’s all there is to it. A simple on-off switch supplies oxygen whenever you need it.

The standard models AirSep offers the most efficient and reliable generators available today. With their proprietary mufflers, these units also achieve the lowest sound levels in the industry.

AirSep PSA Oxygen Systems   These cylinder refilling plants operate automatically and generate oxygen that meets the United States and European Pharmacopoeia Oxygen 93 Percent (93% ±3%) Monograph.

PSA Systems Model: AS-K-HM


19.7 – 23.7 Nm³/hr


448 kPa


427 x 224 x 264 cm


3,856 kg

Oxygen con2.png

Three-Phase Electric Generator

Providing the hospital ship with autonomy in the event of an emergency or the inability to connect it to the electrical network.

Our generator system  consisting of two soundproof, diesel fuelled electric generators.

There are additional plans to enable the floating hospital to have independent clean energy sources based on solar arrays and tidal/river current based underwater “kite” generators.

Three-Phase Electric Generator, sound proofed 503 KVA 2 units


Carod CTDW-475 LI Three-phase Soundproof generator set or similar Doosan (Daewoo), MWM or Deutz engine.


400V and 1500 RPM, water cooling. AVR voltage regulation.


Length: 4500 mm
Width: 1560 mm
Height: 2300 mm
Weight: 5,975 kg


FTR panel with separate switching from the generator set.

Waste Water Treatment

water filter 1.jpg
  • Rotosieve (1) that allows detection and elimination of solids down to 1 mm.

  • Sequential biological reactor (2-3) that supplies complete biological treatment: distinguishing between anaerobic (2) and aerobic (3), for the degradation of organic  matter.

  • System ultrafiltration membrane (4) with high detection power that allows water free of solids and pollutants.

  • Pumping equipment (5).

  • Control room (6).

  • Simple use of this method creates water clean enough for discharge.  More sophisticated use creates drinking water.

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