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Solar Power

With rising fossil fuel prices and a growing desire to live in a carbon neutral world, solar energy is an essential part of the equation to combat climate change.

W.A.S.B understands the necessity to find cost effective means of producing large quantities of renewable energy. With numerous ongoing successful solar project our expertise will help you achieve your goals in producing carbon neutral energy.

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Solar Energy

Previous Projects

With a history of successful solar projects spanning the globe, West African Sustainable Biomass LTD are experts in clean, green energy production and delivery.

Our solar energy project have proven themselves to be an efficient, cost effective solution to creating carbon free green energy around the globe. As the world moves towards a carbon neutral future, WASB take pride in being part of the vanguard of green energy production.

Project Details

Colombia & Peru

  • 440MW of owned projects with 140MW ready for PPA

  • 58MW of co-developed projects ready for PPA

  • 240MW of solar projects with partner Ready To Build


  • 550MW of Solar projects signed

  • 500MW in process of being negotiated


  • 400MW ready for signing


  • 150MW ready for signing

Sri Lanka

  • 200MW of biomass/waste to energy ready to sign


  • Waste to energy projects in early development stage in Koh Samui and Koh Phangan islands

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