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WASB is a project development company specialising in four main areas:


  • Carbon Credit project development: including reforestation

  • Solar energy project development

  • Supply of hospital ships and related equipment

  • "LONG COOL" fridges and finance

In addition to project development WASB offer consultancy in many technical aspects of  Carbon Credits, Solar energy and hospital ship design and procurement.
WASB is currently active in three main countries: Peru, Colombia and The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).  Peru and Colombia contain the largest areas of Amazon rainforest outside Brazil and DRC has the second largest contiguous rainforest in the world after the Amazon.


Dr Lanre Tejuoso

Dr Tejuoso is a medical doctor and former Nigerian Senator who was chairman of the Medical committee for the Nigerian Senate.  He is currently the Chancellor of the University of Lagos and a leading voice in the development of third world medical facilities.

Kristjan Gregoric

Kristjan formed WASB South America to utilise his world class connections in the medical and ship supply businesses.  He and his family own several successful merchanting businesses in Eastern Europe.

Fernando Lopez

Fernando is an architect with many years experience in the design of medical facilities.  He is based in Spain and has worked extensively for clients through out South America

Claes Richard Dysche

Claes is Norwegian.  He has extensive high level connections with Norway’s Sovereign wealth fund. He has been developing alternative energy projects in Peru and Columbia for the last ten years in the course of which he has secured several large government contracts.  Claes has excellent government and commercial connections through out South America.

Iain MacAulay C.A.

Iain is a Scottish Chartered Accountant with many years high level commercial experience in corporate rescues and restructuring.  He has worked extensively throughout Sub Saharan Africa where he has excellent connections and where WASB are also in talks to supply hospital ships and land based hospitals to various governments.

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(West African Sustainable Biomass) ltd

Peru | Colombia | D.R.C.

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